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중고등부 사역자 구합니다

06/04/17      임병남 목사

중고등부 사역자 구합니다

베이사이드에 위치한 뉴욕평화교회에서
중고등부(주일학교) 지도해 주실 전도사님(목사님)을 모시고자 합니다.
영어 가능하신 분이면 좋겠지만
혹 영어가 좀 부족하시더라도
아이들과 잘 호흡할 수 있는 분이면 좋겠습니다.
궁금하신 점은 718-962-5131
이력서는 보내주세요.

Youth Pastor Wanted
Job Description:
Peace Presbyterian Church of NY in Bayside (NY) is seeking a part time Pastor:
First, must be called from God;
Second, must love children of God;
Third, must have experience and ability to serve effectively at Sunday youth worship, bible study and one time activity in week days;
Fourth, must have a Bachelor's degree in Theology or M.Div.
Send resume to PPC(NY) by email to
For further information, contact at 718-962-5131.
Position Information:
Job Title: Youth Pastor
Time Type: Part Time
Job Category: Youth Ministry
Denomination: Independent Presbyterian Church
(Asso. Bible Presbyterian Church)


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