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중고등부(Youth Group) 교역자 청빙( 파타임)

12/10/18      뉴욕신일교회

중고등부(Youth Group) 교역자 청빙( 파타임)


     뉴욕신일교회 (KPCA, 해외한인장로회)

     Shinil Presbyterian Church (Flushing, NY)

     사역담당: 중고등부 교역자

     Position: Youth Pastor (Part-time)

     We are currently looking for Youth Pastor who will oversee the youth ministry (Jr, and Sr. High School combined)

     자격조건 및 지원서류 / Qualifications/Requirements:

                - Passionate to teach youth

                - Ordained/graduated/ or currently in seminary (M.Div.)

                - Experience in ministry teaching (preferred)

                - Fluent in English (Bilingual preferred)

                - Resume(with picture) 이력서와 사진첨부

     급여: 실적제


               - Commensurate with experience/ Discussion after interview

      지원방법: 박맹준 (담임목사)

      Please contact Rev: Mang Joon Park 


                 Phone: (347) 782-2171

     ** 비자 스폰서 가능함 - If necessary, VISA Sponsorship is attainable.  


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