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영어권 사역자 모십니다. (full time)

09/16/21      David Jeon

영어권 사역자 모십니다. (full time)

 영어권 사역자청빙 광고 ***

알칸사 주도인 리틀락에서 말씀중심예배중심의 교회를 지향하는 제자들 교회에서 영어권 사역자를 정중히 모십니다교회의 분위기는 가족적이며사랑이 넘치고 활기가 있습니다한국어 선교원한국학교학사관 등의 여러 가지 부속시설을 갖추고 있습니다. EM과 중고등부 Staff들도 너무 신실하고 귀한 분들입니다담임 목회지로 나아가기 전에 꼭 좋은 경험이 죌 줄 믿습니다하나님의 인도하심이 있기를 소망합니다.

1. Full Time 사역자

2. 신학교 졸업 혹은 재학생

3. 본 교단의 교리와 신앙고백에 동의 (고신)

4. 성인 영어권예배중고등부 (40 Hours per week)

5. 제출서류이력서자기소개서

6. Pay: 36,000.00/year, 휴가비:1500.00, Gas Card, 퇴직시, Salary 3개월.

7. 영주권 필요한 경우교회가 지원할 수 있습니다.

8. 결혼하신 분을 우선적으로 모시고자 합니다.


*연락처 전남수 목사 (David Jeon / 501-920-9049)




*** English Worship Minister  ***

The Disciples Church of Arkansas (Senior Pastor: Rev. David Namsoo Jeon)

Located in Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, the Disciples Church is a church that aims to be centered in the word and worship. The Disciples Church is respectfully welcoming an English-Ministry Minister to the church. The atmosphere of the church is family-friendly, full of love, and lively. It has various auxiliary facilities such as a Korean missionary Daycare, a Korean school, dormitory homes for students, among many others. The English Ministry and youth group staff are also very devoted and valuable people. I believe that it will be a great experience to have before moving on to become a senior pastor. I hope that God will guide you. 

1. Full Time

2. Seminary Graduate or Student

3. Accepting reformed confession and church orders

4. Sunday worship and Bible study (Adult English Congregation & Youth Group)

5. Documents to Submit: Resume and Self Introduction (Including confession of faith, Missionary Experience)

6. Pay: 36,000.00 (Year) / Vacation Pay: 1500.00 / Gas Card / Severance pay: Salary 3 months

7. If in need of a Green Card, the church can be a sponsor.

8. We wish to give priority to those who are married.


*Contact Information : Pastor David Jeon / 501-920-9049)




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The Disciples Church of AR

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