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뉴욕한인연합교회 EM 목회자 청빙

05/06/20      Yong Gu Heo

뉴욕한인연합교회 EM 목회자 청빙


Brooklyn 소재 뉴욕한인연합교회에서 영어 목회자를 모십니다.

영어목회에 관심있는 분들의 지원을 부탁드립니다. 

The United Korean Church of New York is searching for a Youth/EM pastor.

The church is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Job description

1. Preach and lead worship on Sundays

2. Lead weekly Bible studies(Youth Group)

3. Lead Prayer Meetings (EM)

4. Mentor members

5. Lead yearly activities including retreats, mission trips, and holiday                      gatherings



1. Ordained or M.Div. degrees are preferred

2. Firm believer in the conservative evangelical Christian faith

3. Preferably someone with previous ministry experience

4. Married Preferred but not required


Application Document Requirements

1. Current Resume

2. A recent photo of you and your family

3. Personal testimony and faith statement

4. Copy of either M.Div. degree or Certificate of Ordination

5. Submit completed application packet by June 7, 2020 


Please submit all applications to: ygheony@gmail.com

For more information, Contact Rev. Yong Gu Heo (347-831-0678)


- $3.6K 



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    Please check our facebook (Ukcny) for more informations. Thanks 저희 교회의 훼이스북 Ukcny 도 참조해주세요. 감사합니다

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