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Seeking EM pastor

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Seeking EM pastor

Pyungan Presbyterian Church is seeking a full-time or part-time youth/EM pastor. We are a Korean-American church located in Auburn, a city south of Seattle, Washington. We are seeking a pastor to minister to our youth group (6th -12th grade), totaling about 80 members. While we prefer a full-time pastor, we are open to discuss part-time position.

For a full-time position, the pastor will also minister to 5-10 EM members of college/young adults that meets separately for service. Details of compensations will be discussed during the interview.

Qualifications – Currently attending or graduated from a seminary.

– Minimum of 2 years of relevant ministry experience.

– Fluent in English. Application Requirement

– Resume

– Personal statement of faith/testimony

– 2 References

– 2 Recent sermons (audio/video to a link or file) Please submit application or further inquiry to: na86aug@gmail.com

Our church website: www.pyungan.org


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